Margot Douaihy, MA, RYT, PhD candidate, is a writer, editor, and instructor.

She has taught at Marywood University and received her Master’s from Goldsmiths, University of London. Her writing and interviews have been featured in The Guardian, The Madison Review, Philadelphia Stories, Mic, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Catamaran Literary Reader, The Moth Magazine, The New Guard Literary Review, The Sow’s Ear, The Common (forthcoming), and Belle Reve Literary Journal. She is the Editorial Director of NewBay Media's AV Technology and EDUwire, and has contributed tech reportage and analysis to the Audio Engineering Society Daily, InfoComm Daily, Systems Contractor News, and Integrated Systems Europe. Margot judges the PRSA Excellence in Technology Journalism Awards and was named to Collaborate’s 2014 “40 Under 40” List of Young Collaboration Innovators. Her play, “Julia’s Angel Hair,” was staged in two states.

Margot is the author of I Would Ruby If I Could (Factory Hollow Press, 2013). Her book Girls Like You is being published by Clemson University Press in 2015.